2014 Obstacles

New Obstacles for 2014 Mississippi Mud Run

Floating Bridge

The idea for a floating bridge occurred to me so I mulled over a few ways to construct such a thing, make it safe, not spent a bunch of money, and make it fun; that is, treacherous enough to be fun, but stable enough that a good number of folks will make it over without falling in the river. This is the first prototype, I don't think I am too far off from my design goals. The boards are not as strong as I was hoping so I will need to add another inner tube for support in the middle of each span. The finished obstacle will have 6 or 7 spans and be anchored to shore at each end. The river bottom drops off pretty fast in this area so we will make the bridge follow the shore line just 8 or 10 feet out into river where the water is no more than 4' deep. 

Fearless bridge testers. :) 

Even with only one end anchored it's quite stable.

YouTube Video

Yikes! Those boards really flex, but it is possible to run on it, probably more possible for smaller folks.