Frequently Asked Questions

Is skateboarding safe?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, skateboarding is less dangerous than football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and ice hockey, and about as dangerous as softball! Skateboarding is more of a hazard to non-skating pedestrians when skateboarders use the streets and sidewalks to skate.  A professionally built skate park makes skateboarding even safer.  There are no cracks in skate parks to trip on or pedestrians to weave throughout. 

Aren't skaters all hooligans?

Did you know that Prairie du Chien has a skate boarding pastor, now how "hooligan" is that?  The truth is, most skateboarders are law abiding citizens and youth that only break the law to skate when no resource is provided for them.  And, although skateboarding is a highly individualistic activity, it is also very social, with a strong subcultural identity that transcends race, class, and community. Young skaters have professional role models of all nationalities, ethnicity, and backgrounds to look up to, and a supportive culture that strongly values creativity and diversity.

Is there any extra liability for the City of PDC to own this Skatepark?

The Skatepark has no more liability than any other playground or park in the city.  Extra liability occurs if the park is allowed to be used when it is in disrepair or if the city charges for it’s use.  The city of PDC will not be charging for the use of this park.

Who will be allowed to use the park?

Skateboarders, roller bladers, and BMX bikers of all ages.

What will be the skate park’s hours of operation?

Dawn to Dusk.  There will be no extra lighting around the park. 

If I skate at this park am I required to wear a helmet?

No.  But helmets and any other safety equipment is highly recommended.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes.  Your donation goes to the Children’s Advisory Board which is a 501(c)(3) organization.  To give a donation you may use the donate button on this website or send a check.

If I make a worthy donation, how will it be recognized?

Donations of $250 or more will be recognized on the sign entering the park.  Donors giving $1000 and up will be displayed on the donor wall.  You name or logo will also be on this website.  If you have questions contact us.

How are you earning the money for this park?

We have been fundraising for many years.  We are planning a Chicken Q this summer and we sponsor the Mississippi Mud Run in the fall. In 2014 we are working with The Wonder Workers 4-H group to hold the first annual Zombie Dash during Oktoberfest in Prairie du Chien. 

How may I volunteer?

We can always use help at the various fundraisers we do.  Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.

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